What Is Tempura? Your Simple Guide To The Classic Japanese Preparation!

Did you know that Japan is the healthiest country in the world? Japanese food extends beyond sushi, and you will be surprised at the range of dishes that are served at some of the popular Japanese restaurants. One of the common items on most menu is ‘tempura’. So, what is tempura? What’s so special about this recipe? In this post, we are decoding this Japanese preparation for your help.

Understanding tempura

In simple words, tempura is a kind of cooking method, where the food item (Can be seafood, veggies, fish or chicken) is dipped in a light batter and fried. What you end up with is a crisp kind of fry that is not very greasy and extremely flavorsome to say the least. Most tempura dishes are made using the same technique, and the batter and means of frying makes the difference. Here comes the surprise. Tempura did not originate in Japan. In fact, it was in 1600s, when a form of tempura became popular in Portugal. In Japan, tempura only emerged as a key form of cooking in 18th century. With time, the dish only became more popular and is one of the most-loved form of Japanese food around the world. In fact, it is hard to find a Japanese restaurant that doesn’t really serve tempura items on the menu.

More on the tempura batter

The tempura batter is different than some of the other batters that are used for frying food items. In this case, the mix is simple – cold water, beaten egg and flour. There is no breadcrumbs or other spices, and the consistency is not as thick. The food item, such as fish and chicken, can be cooked in much lesser oil as compared to some of the regular batters, and that creates that crispy and crunchy texture that most people associate with tempura. Ideally, tempura kind of cooking works well with veggies, especially mushrooms and peppers, and if you are a lover of seafood, you should definitely consider fish and prawn tempura items on the menu.

Final words

Note that tempura is an appetizer and is often served on its own as a snack. If you really want to enjoy the flavor of tempura, we strongly recommend that you find a Japanese restaurant that’s authentic and has more items on the menu. Many chefs have mixed the tempura style of cooking to create new recipes, which are worth trying!

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