If You are a Vegan Traveling to Copenhagen, These 5 Restaurants are For You!

Denmark is known to have the highest rates of meat consumption in the world despite the growing rate of vegan movement. Copenhagen was also deemed the European Green Capital in 2014 and is planning to go carbon neutral by 2025. So, if you are traveling to Copenhagen and staying at apartment copenhagen holiday being a vegan, there are some pretty good choices for you listed below.

  1. Plant Power Food, Fælledvej 15, 2200 København

This is located in the Nørrebro district that serves healthy meals while looking after the planet as well. serving the plant based food is the best way to fight climate change, but this restaurant has leveled up to be a zero waste restaurant. For example, the furniture is second hand and they compost, recycle and use the dishwasher in full load only. The employees turned the lights off when not needed and also the straws are made from corn.

  1. Nørreport Nørre, Farimagsgade 63, 1364 København

There are two Souls restaurants found in Copenhagen and the main one can be found in Melchiors Pl. 3.  Souls put soul into their food by serving high quality and local ingredients by reducing the environmental footprint of every meal served. They aim to keep you conscious of the food you are eating and the impact it leaves on the planet. When you eat local, organic, vegan food, it is the best choice for you and nature.

  1. GreenBurger, Frederiksborggade 26, 1360 København

This place also serves your fast food favorites and serves only plant based ingredients. They also have a number of options in burger and fries on the menu. Surely, the food they serve couldn’t be a healthy choice among others, but their meals are tasty and comforting.

  1. Riz Raz, Kompagnistræde 20, 1208 København

While this may not be a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, it serves the all you can eat veg buffet that comes with every meal. You can select the buffet as your meal which saves you money. Some buffet meals may not vegetarian, not all of them are vegan. Also they are all clearly marked.

  1. Chao Viet Kitchen, Kattesundet 8, 1458 København

This Vietnamese restaurant has a separate dedicated section for vegans on the menu. It is not a huge place to eat at but there may be some bigger tables for larger groups and a few for couples and solo diners.

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