Elevate Your Outdoor Dining Experience with BBQs 2u – Exploring the Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven

At BBQs 2u, discover a range of top-tier Pizza Ovens alongside comprehensive accessories, backed by a team passionate about barbecues and armed with extensive grilling expertise, ensuring every customer finds their perfect match, whether gas or charcoal.

Homemade pizza can be daunting without the right tools, but portable pizza ovens like the Gozney Roccbox Grey can change the game. With its exceptional performance, it is the top choice for home cooks.

Product review

The Gozney Roccbox strikes a balance in pricing, offering value with the oven, pizza peel, and detachable gas burner, or the Wood Burner 2.0 for the dual fuel version.

  1. Portability

While the Roccbox’s 20kg weight limits its mobility on foot, Gozney offers a heavy-duty strap for added portability.

Featuring detachable burners, retractable legs, and a secure pizza stone, it is designed for ease of transportation, making it ideal for car or camper van journeys to elevate your outdoor dining experience on the go.

  1. Design

The Roccbox’s aesthetic appeal is matched by its functional design, with a grey or green silicone jacket providing both visual appeal and protection against burns.

Raised Roccbox lettering and an inset thermometer on the silicone jacket ensure accurate temperature readings, while the unique letterbox-shaped main oven directs the flame for optimal cooking.

This innovative design not only adds retro styling but also ensures rapid yet controlled cooking. The insulation between the inner and outer shell is exceptional, maintaining stable temperatures throughout the cooking process without the need for a door.

This insulation allows for open-door cooking with minimal heat loss, facilitating close monitoring of dough and easy pizza turning.

Gozney’s expertise in designing ovens for professional kitchens shines through in the Roccbox’s thoughtful features, including a spacious opening for easy access and manoeuvring of pizzas.

With the insulation’s effectiveness, temperature stability is maintained between pizzas, eliminating the waiting time typically associated with oven temperature fluctuations.

Furthermore, the insulation minimizes heat loss during open-door cooking, providing a stress-free cooking experience.

Despite its professional-grade performance, the Roccbox remains user-friendly, with no sticking issues when turning pizzas, enhancing the overall ease of cooking.

Overall, the Roccbox’s exceptional design, from its sleek appearance to its precise functionality, reflects Gozney’s commitment to delivering high-quality cooking experiences.

Whether for professionals or home cooks, the Roccbox stands out as a top choice for achieving perfect pizzas every time.

  1. The pizza

You won’t be disappointed with the Roccbox, delivering flawless 11-inch pizzas in just 60 seconds, consistently. Its precise flame profile ensures optimal cooking, preserving homemade dough’s integrity.

Neapolitan pizzas boast perfect crusts—puffy, airy, lightly charred bottoms—and toppings meld seamlessly, offering a delightful blend of flavours with just the right char.

The verdict

With the Gozney Roccbox, pizza lovers can indulge anywhere, thanks to its portability and precise heat control.

While not the lightest at 20kg, its consistent performance and ease of use justify the investment, making it a hit for summer parties and culinary adventures.

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