History of Sushi – Know How the Concept Of Sushi Has Evolved

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In Japan, sushi is greatly prized. It is not just a simple dish to eat rather it is savored. For majority of people, sushi is only the top dish of Japanese cuisine but also their culture. It is the special dish for every special occasion bounded with a great taste and sophisticated ideas.

History of sushi

The story of sushi is mysterious and interesting. According to Chinese dictionary of 4th century, salted fish along with cooked rice is fermented to obtain a delicious dish. It is the first print where the sushi concept emerged.

During fermentation, a useful bacteria lactic acid is produced that reacts with salt and slows the growth of bacteria in fish. This process is also referred as pickling, so sushi kitchen is often known as pickling place or tsuke-ba.

Sushi in Japan     

Sushi concept came into existence in Japan during the9th century. It became very popular during the spread of Buddhism. In this period, Buddhists abstained meat, so a lot of Japanese people started including fish in their diet.

Initially, they prepared sushi by adding both preserved food and fermented rice together. This combination is called as nare-zushi, now it is sushi.

Thus, sushi originated in Japan over a thousand year back near the Japan’s largest lake, Biwa. Funa, golden carp was found in the lake. This fish with salt and rice were packed and fermented for 6 months. It was available only to the upper-class people of Japan until 14th century.

Gradually, the fermentation process was reduced and modern chefs included new ingredients to evolve sushi varieties. Even though, traditional dish nigiri sushi still served in the U.S, different types of sushi rolls, especially wrapped in soy paper and seaweed have become very popular these days.

If you want to eat something easy, quick, and tasty, sushi is one of the best choices. You can even find sushi rolls in vegetarian styles, especially for vegetarians.

Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, choose the best Japanese restaurant that offer fresh sushi dishes and visit today to enjoy its taste.

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