What makes Vietnamese Restaurants so popular Around the World?

Vietnam is a small country, nestled in Southeast Asia; having its own culinary tradition. But Vietnamese cuisine is fast becoming quite popular all around the world, as it is the hottest way to jazz up the calorie-conscious dining table.

Vietnamese cuisine is a healthful food naturally, but at the same time, where every dish is an explosion of amazing flavors. So, you feel as if you had something too delicious but still have not consumed too many calories.

But in order, to try the best Vietnamese cuisine, you need to choose a modern Vietnamese restaurant Melbourne like Firebird, Hanoi Hannah. If you want to have an amazing experience and unique Vietnamese cuisine, visit this spectacular place.

Here are some great reasons for its growing popularity all over the world:

  • It is not too spicy, but offers all flavors

Most Southeast Asia dishes are quite spicy, but Vietnamese cuisine’s focus is not limited to being too hot to handle. Its main goal is to prepare dishes by balancing all the five elements of salty, sweet, spicy, sour, and bitter. Most Vietnamese dishes are aromatic, more balanced, having a complex flavor.

People around the world love Vietnamese cuisine, as they suit all taste buds, and because of its amazing healthful properties, could be consumed to their heart’s content. The chefs at Firebird, Hanoi Hannah, a modern Vietnamese restaurant Melbourne, strive for creating a perfect equilibrium between various elements within every dish.

  • It is lighter & often fresh

If you have ever had Burmese cuisine, you would know how heavy, oily, and rich, most curries are – but such a case is not in Vietnamese dishes.

Why most people love eating at Vietnamese restaurants, as most dishes are prepared using minimal oil as well as dairy and mainly depend on more fresh and lighter flavors of various herbs, spices, and vegetables. And that makes it the healthiest cuisine around the globe.

  • Offers clear soups

Most people all around the world love soups. They love to try different varieties of hot soups. And Vietnam’s signature dish is called Pho, now you can guess how much importance they give to their soups. Pho is prepared with a clear rich beef broth and meaty. The most amazing part of pho is that they are not only clear soups but a pretty simple taste of the principal ingredients is always showcased. It means a person can taste each element distinctively, right from aromatic lemongrass to cilantro to the big-simmered beef bone and fish sauce.

  • Vegetarian options

Many Vietnamese restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian foods too. Restaurants having a signage “chay” (vegetarian) generally indicate their dishes are served with tofu, instead of using meat. Almost all soups, street food items, and sandwiches have a vegetarian correspondent. Sometimes, when you visit a good Vietnamese restaurant, you might see menu choices like “banh mi chay”, “pho chay” (vegetarian lunch), or even “com chay” (vegetarian rice).

Do your next reservation at Firebird, Hanoi Hannah, if you are looking for a modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne. They not only serve the most exotic cuisine but also excellent ambiance as well.

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