Practising Etiquettes Reveal A Lot About You – Restaurant Reservation Etiquette

Planning for a date at your favourite restaurant this weekend? It is a good idea to book a table in advance and avoid long waiting time. You can also avoid not getting a table. Some popular restaurants cannot accommodate a lot of people on crowded days. Even restaurants with sufficient space find it hard to accommodate their customers.

Reservations are encouraged especially in crowded restaurants to ease their flow of working. It helps the management plan well and schedule adequate number of staff. Restaurants are widely used as venues for special occasion gatherings, official meetings etc lately.

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Plan ahead:

If you are planning on taking out someone on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, the restaurant is highly likely to be crowded.  Ensure your restaurant plan goes as planned by calling them and booking way ahead.

Cues for making a reservation:

  • Majority of the restaurants require reservation at least a week before your day of dining. Some popular restaurants require booking a month ahead.
  • There may be instances that your booking isn’t confirmed since you’d have reserved it a month earlier. It is good to call a day ahead and confirm your reservation to make sure they haven’t missed it. You can also make necessary arrangements or customisations if required during the call.
  • Arrive at the restaurant at least 5 minutes before reservation time. If you are held up in traffic and running late, make sure to call them and give a heads up. Many restaurants hold tables only for a maximum of 15 minutes from the time of booking.
  • Know their tipping policy.

  • Add more to the tip if you planned special requests like delivering engagement ring along with champagne.
  • Try not to cancel often. Many restaurants participate in database that has a list of names of chronic cancellers.
  • If you are forced to cancel, inform the restaurant at the earliest.

Remember to be polite when calling them for reservations. Thank the staff members who provide good service. No matter where you are, exhibiting good manners is important. Etiquette never goes out of style.

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