Custom chocolate boxes make a statement. If you’re a company, they showcase your firm in a positive light, build brand awareness, sweeten relationships with clients and business partners, and make amazing giveaways. And if you’re an individual, they can leave a lasting impression and make an already special event such as a wedding even more memorable.

Building on our expertise since 1974, Patchi customizes and personalizes chocolate boxes. Many leading hotels, large organizations, renowned luxury brands, and famous institutions turn to Patchi for these services since they know the packaging will be gorgeous and the premium chocolate incredible because of our savoir-faire and ability to deliver the best luxury branding experience with every packaging element meticulously tailored from the stickers to the ribbons and boxes. Handmade decorations, customised wrapping and packaging, and true craftsmanship meet your choice of Patchi’s premium chocolates from our vast range of flavours, fillings, and offerings.


When we say customization, we mean it. This is why we offer three kinds of customization and personalization to meet your needs:

  • Sleeve Customization

Choose one of Patchi’s more than 150 standard chocolate gift boxes and have the sleeve customized with your logo and colours. This is a convenient way to select your favourite Patchi box while making it your own.

  • Ribbon, Tag, and Chocolate Wrapping Customization

Select one of Patchi’s more than 150 standard chocolate gift boxes but take things a step further with complete customization with your branding: from the tag to the ribbon and wrapping around the chocolate. This is a great way to leave your signature mark while gifting your most loved Patchi box.

  • Full Customization

Take things to new heights with full customization of not only the chocolate gift box but the chocolate shapes and even the flavours. This is a great way to have a truly unique gift. Be inventive with the shapes and explore a world of original tastes and timeless classics.

chocolate gift box but the chocolate shapes and even the flavours


Whether you want to stand out during special corporate milestones like your company’s anniversary or celebrate the holiday season or strengthen your brand image, the benefits of choosing Patchi’s customized chocolate boxes are endless. Here’s why.

Select Your Box

The vast variety of soft and hard carton boxes, wooden boxes, tin containers, and more means the sky’s the limit.

Choose Chocolate Flavours and Chocolate Shapes

Did you know you can choose to customize more than 60 chocolate flavours and chocolate shapes? And that’s not all. We can even make a special chocolate shape especially for you.

Get Free Design

We’re here to help. Offering free design services, we bring your corporate branding guidelines to life on the chocolate gift box of your choice.

Enjoy Accessible Luxury

Luxury chocolate gifts that are accessible and within reach. What’s not to like?

Experience Real Quality

The high-end finishing and commitment to quality shows in every detail.

Enjoy Worldwide Door to Door Delivery

With more than 190 boutiques around the world, 4 chocolate factories with ateliers, and presence in 22 countries, we have the logistical setup and expertise to deliver your customized chocolate gifts where you want and when you want.



Custom chocolate boxes are durable. Not only in the sense of sturdiness thanks to the exceptional build quality. There’s a certain permanence to personalized chocolate. Long after the last piece of chocolate has melting in your mouth, the positive impression it made remains. For days, months, and even years. This sort of durability is priceless.


Picking the right chocolate for gift is hard enough and it’s especially tricky when it comes to finding custom chocolate box ideas that are innovative and stand out. Here’s some inspiration:

Appeal to Youngsters

Be playful with a customized chocolate gift that awakens childhood memories and that young ones can actually enjoy. Not all corporate gifts have to be for serious or exclusively for adults. Showing you have thought of the entire family works wonders if you want to reveal your brand’s caring side and want to develop warm business relationships. It’s also ideal for giveaways at events geared towards kids. Get inspired by the Patchino collection.

Embrace Daring Flavours

Instead of selecting a customized chocolate gift with classical flavours such as praline and ganache, go for adventurous yuzu, combawa, tea, and other trendy inspirations. It sends a message that your brand is contemporary and fresh.

Go Beyond Your Colours

When customizing, you definitely want to showcase your logo and corporate identity. But consider exploring the visual statements you can make using unexpected colour combinations and splashes of different hues and tones.

Strike a Balance

Don’t simply go for milk chocolates like the majority do. Balance things out by considering assorted customized gift boxes that balance the smooth creaminess of milk chocolate with the rich intensity of dark chocolate.

Be Different

customized gift box

When picking your customized gift box, remember that the box doesn’t have to be carton. Wood, leather, and tin are just some of the options. And not all boxes have to be square or rectangular. There are many different shapes and sizes. So get people’s attention.


Chocolate is packed with health benefits and dark chocolate benefits are especially wonderful. Why? It’s packed with powerful antioxidants including a flavonol called epicatechin.

Flavonols not only combat inflammation and protect against cell damage. They improve heart health, balance your immune system, fight diabetes, enhance brain function such as reaction time and memory, and improve athletic performance. Not to mention that they even reduce stress.

As a rule of thumb, research shows that dark chocolate that’s at least 70% cacao is your best option if you want to reap the benefits. So consider customizing Patchi’s Eighty chocolate bar. It’s the intense sensory excitement of 80% cacao dark chocolate, Patchi gift box with 55%, 70%, and 80% cacao dark chocolate. It’s a tribute to the rich intensities of dark chocolate.

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