Multi-Cuisine Restaurants From Coorg Tourism

Multi cuisine restaurants in Coorg are extremely popular simply because they make it easy for individuals with different tastes to locate their selection of food at one restaurant only, this increases the recognition and attraction of Coorg Tourism. Some multi cuisine restaurants are high-finish, smartly designed and much more costly than these like Caravan and Raintree, that are easy and known mostly for his or her food like Shanthi Bites. Check out the most popular ones.


Raintree tops their email list once the discussion is all about multi-cuisine restaurants in Coorg. The atmosphere of the restaurant is extremely charming also it makes its customers feel at ease. It’s a relaxing impact on the shoppers because of its location and delightful surrounding. It’s located amongst the hillsides of Coorg and it is encircled through the eco-friendly great thing about Coorg. The employees of this restaurant is known for its efficient service. The best looking facet of Raintree is the fact that though it may be a higher-finish restaurant having a beautiful location and charming atmosphere it’s not very costly which may come as a happy surprise towards the customers. The famous dishes of the restaurant are mutton biryani, alleppey prawn curry, chemmeen thenga, meen moilee, ularthu and sea food platter. Each one of these facets of this restaurant together help in making a it an essential part of Coorg Tourism.

Shanthi Bites:-

Shanthi Bites is among the affordable multi-cuisine restaurants in Coorg. It’s not a higher-finish restaurant such as the Falls or Raintree and does not have the very best of atmosphere, however the food offered within this restaurant is extremely scrumptious and it is the only reason behind the recognition from the restaurant. Shanthi Bites has dishes from Continental, Chinese, Tibetan and Indian cuisines in the menu. It might be a fundamental part of Coorg Tourism because it provides several cuisines to draw in individuals with different tastes, and it is relatively cheap attracting vacationers with various budgets.


Caravan is much more around the high-finish side, nevertheless its primary asset continues to be the scrumptious food. It features a great atmosphere and it is located right in the middle of Coorg, but none of them of the excites the shoppers greater than the superb food of the restaurant. It’s a multi-cuisine restaurant with food so scrumptious that individuals make certain they go back to this area again for any meal. The famous dishes of the restaurant are Chicken Satay, Murg Musallam, Spicy Dicy Chicken and Oriental Vegetables in butter garlic clove sauce with fried grain or noodles. The place of the place helps you to attract customers and causes it to be a fundamental part of Coorg Tourism, because it is located right in the middle of the town of Coorg.

Silver Oaks:-

It’s a multi-cuisine restaurant serving dishes from Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisines. The famous dish of the restaurant is chow mein offered with Chinese gravy chicken or vegetable. This restaurant is situated within the famous Hotel Coorg Worldwide, which is a valuable part of Coorg Tourism, which is among the causes of its recognition. Probably the most peculiar facet of this restaurant is it includes a wooden party area within it because of its customers. This will make it not the same as another restaurants in Coorg.

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