7 Types of Liqueurs You Should Try

You will certainly not find it hard to identify your favorite liqueur – talk about blue rhino liqueur and the likes. But you don’t have to limit yourself to one particular drink when there’s more to explore. And in this article, the beam will be focused on seven types of liqueurs you can try out.


Amaro is of Italian origin, and it literally means “bitter.” Though a sweet Italian wonder, it is now quite popular around the globe. As per the ingredients, the base alcohol used in making amaro is brandy, although other alcohols can also come in handy. Interestingly, this particular type of liqueur is very flavorsome as it has a variety of spices, barks, flowers, herbs, and roots among its vital ingredients.


There’s no second-guessing it; this is yet another tasty Italian luxury of a liqueur, and it is usually made from apricot kernels. Amaretto is produced with a base spirit with the strength not being more than 28% ABV. Most persons making amaretto at home will normally go with brown sugar to tone down the bitterness of the mixture.

Cream Liqueur

If you are particular about having some milky goodness with every sip, then cream liqueur should be your go-to option. What makes the difference here is the addition of milk to the base alcohol, just like what you have in Amarula.

Creme Liqueur

You needn’t get it mixed up – creme liqueur does not have any milk added to it. It is considerably thick due to the significantly high volume of sugar added to it, and this makes it have a syrup-like appearance. Creme liqueurs are really refreshing and have a fuller feel in the mouth. The flavors used in the production of creme liqueurs are quite numerous, and they include chocolates, sour cherry, banana, peppermint, apricot kernels, and so on.

Coffee Liqueur

You can still have your coffee in your liqueur. All that is required is having a good and pleasing blend. The coffee gives the liqueur its flavor, and sugar is mostly used as a sweetener. Milk can also be added to this type of liqueur to make it tastier.

Aperitif Liqueur

Are you looking for something to nudge up your appetite? – A sip of aperitif liqueur may be all you need this time. This is another liqueur of Italian origin that has specifically been made to stimulate one’s appetite. You can have some right before your regular meals.

Citrus Liqueur

A citrus liqueur is simply the type of liqueur that is flavored with any citrus fruit – like oranges, lemon, tangerines, and grapefruits. The citrus zest is the part that is normally used, with vodka being the base spirit. Plus, sugar syrup is added to sweeten the mixture, leaving you with a delicious liqueur in the end.


The world of liqueurs is there for you to explore, and you don’t have to hold back. Whether you’re considering making some homemade liqueurs or tasting something different, this article should inspire you to check out other types of liqueurs.

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